Simple Setup

  1. Install pre-requisites:

    • Python (>= 2.7), pip and virtualenv.
    • git
    • ElasticSearch (> 0.17 series)
  2. [optional] Create a virtualenv and enable it:

    # in bash
    virtualenv {myenv}
    . {myenv}/bin/activate
  3. Get the source:

    # by convention we put it in the virtualenv but you can put anywhere
    # mkdir {myenv}/src
    # git clone {myenv}/src/
    git clone
  1. Install the app:

    # move to your checkout of bibserver
    # cd {myenv}/src/bibserver
    cd bibserver
    # do a development install from current directory
    pip install -e .
    # alternatively if you do not want a development install
    # note there is an error with this at the moment - do dev install
    # python install
  2. Run the webserver:

    python bibserver/

See doc/deploy.rst or for more details on a full installation

Install example

Install commands on a clean installation of Ubuntu_11.10:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential
sudo pip install --upgrade pip
sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv
sudo apt-get install git

tar -xzvf elasticsearch-0.18.2.tar.gz
./elasticsearch-0.18.2/bin/elasticsearch start

virtualenv .
. ./bin/activate

git clone
cd bibserver
pip install -e .

python bibserver/

You will now find your bibserver running at localhost:5000.